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Hose Master Mobile Unit

Hose Master Mobile Unit

This fully automatic hose washing and maintenance unit is now available as an easy to move mobile unit. It can be easily be transported from one fire station to another or directly to wild fire service centres.

Hose Master Mobile Unit

A revolutionary mobile fire hose washing / maintenance unit

The Hose Master Mobile Unit is a revolutionary mobile fire hose washing unit, allowing firefighters and first responders to quickly and efficiently clean hoses on-site. Developed by the Esteri Group of Finland and distributed in Australia through First Defence Fire Protection, this remarkable unit is easy to move, transportable from one station to another, or even directly to operational wildfire service centres.

This system provides an efficient way for users to ensure that their fire hoses are kept clean and maintained with minimal effort – saving valuable time when responding to emergencies. The system is designed for use outdoors and is economical with both power and water usage.

The Hose Master Mobile Unit can be used immediately to wash and maintain equipment at wildfire sites, eliminating the need to transport or handle contaminated hoses at fire stations.

Hose Master Mobile Unit
Hose Master Mobile Unit

The Hose Master Mobile Unit  is easily transported from one location to another.

Benefits of the Hose Master Mobile Unit

Mobile Fire Hose Maintenance At Its Best

Fully automated fire hose washing maintenance unit

Mobile pressure testing, leak detection and marking of holes in hoses

Automated drying and coiling of fire hoses

Complies with AS 1851-2012.8

The small amount of washing water can be collected and treated away from the fire location

Logic & software facilitate reporting

Can be used as a shared resource for different rescue services

Integrated operation manual

Remote access & control

The most efficient mobile fire hose maintenance unit on the market

Hose Master Health Safety

Improvement of workplace health and safety

  • Reduces contact with carcinogens of contaminated fire hoses.
  • Noise level – maximum 70dB
  • Provides a safe and clean working environment
  • Reduces heavy physical work
  • Provides a user-friendly interface and working ergonomics
Eco Friendly Fire Hose Cleaning

Better for the environment

  • Minimised water consumption
  • <4 litre water per hose for cleaning and pressure testing (42mm, 20m.)
  • Electricity saving <0.15kWh per hose
Best Fire Hose Cleaner Australia

Outstanding quality & efficiency

  • Simple and robust design
  • Quality-assured components and materials
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • High efficiency – up to 20 hoses an hour
Cost Effective Fire Hose Cleaner

Unbeatable value & excellence

  • Minimised water cost
  • Reduced electricity cost
  • Reduced labour cost
  • Minimised floor space required

Hose Master Mobile Unit – Wash & maintain up to 20 hoses per hour at wild fire service centres

Hose Master Mobile Unit – Versatile & Efficient

The Hose Master Mobile Unit is a versatile and efficient way to quickly clean and maintain fire hoses on-site. It can be easily transported from one fire situation to another, making it ideal for use in outdoor locations such as wildfire sites, eliminating the need to transport or handle contaminated hoses at fire stations.

The system is economical with both power and water usage, providing an improved workplace health and safety environment. Its mobility also means that it can be used without the need for special equipment or personnel. 

This machine offers convenience, cost-savings, safety and reliability – all while ensuring that your hose cleaning and maintenance operations are performed on location.

Esteri Group & First Defence Fire Protection Partnership

Our working partnership with Esteri Group means our fire-hose maintenance products products are created with extensive design and manufacturing expertise. Our combined background in this field is this is reflected in the quality of our products, machines and service.

First Defence Fire Protection is the only licensed distributor of Esteri Group products in Australia and includes solutions such as; vehicle-mounted fire-fighting pumps, portable pumps, pump units which can be transported by road or air, pump containers and other equipment for the transfer of fire-fighting water.

Today, Hose Master™ and Hose Master Mobile Unit products are used in demanding firefighting conditions in various countries all around the world. For more information on our products or to arrange a display, contact First Defence Fire Protection today!