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First Defence Fire Protection - Fire Hose Cleaning Equipment and Hose Master™ Distributors Australia
About First Defence Fire Protection

About First Defence Fire Protection

About First Defence Fire Protection Premium Fire Fighting Products & Solutions

As the premier provider of top-of-the-line firefighting equipment in Australia, First Defence Fire Protection equips professional firefighting departments with comprehensive solutions to do their job safely and efficiently.

Your safety is our number one objective. We can guarantee that our equipment will protect you, and your property. Our certified fire protection specialists are qualified in installing a high-quality protection system for fire fighting departments both large or small.

Our experienced technicians are available 24 hours to handle any emergencies and meet the needs of our customers.

Contact us to know more about our service and fire fighting solutions and Hose Master™.

Our Promise

Our promise as a fire protection products company is to provide our customers with the right safety product and the best fire protection service at the right time.

Our Mission - First Defence Fire Protection

Our Mission

To be Australia’s most recognised fire protection equipment company relying on quality and tried and tested innovative products that save lives and protect properties.

Our Vision First Defence Fire Protection

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best first defence fire protection company, working hard to ensure that people are safe, properties are protected, and improve our working environment.

Our Goals First Defence Fire Protection

Our Goals

Our goal is to protect fire-fighting Australians from injury and protect property from damage by the fire.

Our Mission Statement

At First Defence Fire Protection, we believe in providing only the highest quality professional fire fighting equipment to ensure the safety and protection of your staff. Our team of dedicated professionals are passionate about ensuring our customers are equipped with the most efficient, reliable and effective fire protection systems available. We understand that when it comes to your safety, no compromise is acceptable. We only supply the very best in fire protection products.