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First Defence Fire Protection - Fire Hose Cleaning Equipment and Hose Master™ Distributors Australia

First Defence Fire Protection – Fire Fighting Equipment – Fire Hose Cleaning Machine

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First Defence Fire Protection is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of firefighting equipment and sole distributor of Hose Master™ in Australia. Hose Master™ is the world’s first fully automated hose care unit for fire hoses. Hose Master™ revolutionises the handling and cleaning of fire hoses after use. Washing, pressure-testing, leak detection marking, drying and coiling is performed simultaneously during the automated cleaning process.

First Defence Fire Protection –  Providers of the best firefighting products on the market.

First Defence Fire Protection - Fire Fighting Equipment and Fire Hose Cleaning Machine

Hose Master™ Fire Hose Cleaning Machine

Hose Master™ – The world’s most modern, fully automatic fire hose cleaning machine

Hose Master - Fully automatic fire hose cleaning equipment

Hose Master™ is a revolutionary machine for cleaning fire fighting hoses. It offers an automated and highly efficient system that reduces water consumption while providing an effective cleaning solution. Hose Master™ has been designed to clean and pressure test both textile and nitrile rubber hoses between 25mm and 110mm in diameter, ensuring that all hoses are fit for purpose when returning to service.

The Hose Master™ allows for quicker and safer cleaning times than would be achieved with conventional methods, protecting staff from harmful toxins and making it ideal for busy fire departments needing quick cleaning turnaround times on their equipment. Thanks to Hose Master™, firefighters can rest assured that the integrity of their hoses are of the highest quality before deployment.

Hose Master Mobile Unit – Mobile Fire Hose Cleaning Equipment

For the cleaning and maintenance of fire hoses on-site see the revolutionary Hose Master Mobile Unit.

Benefits of Hose Master™ Fire Hose Cleaning Equipment

Innovative & Modern Functions

Separate service side simplifies handling and allows flexible placement

Feed of hose can be placed either at the left or right side of the machine

Complies with AS 1851-2012.8

Easy to assemble – plug and use

Patented test pressurisation technique

Special drying procedures

Recyling of water used in pressure testing

Logic & software facilitate reporting

Integrated operation manual

Remote access & control

Test pressure up to 20 Bar, 25 Bar or 30 Bar (option)

Hose Master Health Safety

Enhancement of occupational health and safety

  • Reduces contact with carcinogens of contaminated fire hoses.
  • Noise level – maximum 70dB
  • Provides a safe and clean working environment
  • Reduces heavy physical work
  • Provides a user-friendly interface and working ergonomics
Eco Friendly Fire Hose Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly

  • Minimised water consumption
  • <4 litre water per hose for cleaning and pressure testing (42mm, 20m.)
  • Electricity saving <0.15kWh per hose
Best Fire Hose Cleaner Australia

Superior Quality

  • Simple and robust design
  • Quality-assured components and materials
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • High efficiency – up to 20 hoses an hour
Cost Effective Fire Hose Cleaner

Cost Effectiveness

  • Minimised water cost
  • Reduced electricity cost
  • Reduced labour cost
  • Minimised floor space required

Fire Defence Fire Protection Is The Exclusive Distributor Of Hose Master™ in Australia

First Defence Fire Protection is a leader in supplying the best fire fighting equipment for professional firefighting departments across Australia. Our sole distribution of Hose Master™ – the world’s first fully automatic hose care unit for fire hoses – providing an unprecedented level of reliability and operability to efficiently clean, maintain and service all types of fire fighting hoses. With Hose Master’s automated cleaning process that simultaneously performs washing, pressure-testing, leak detection marking, drying and coiling tasks; First Defence Fire Protection guarantees the highest quality firefighting products available. We strive to offer superior customer service with every purchase – providing our customers with safe and secure protection from fires.

Fire Fighting Equipment Designed To Improve Firefighters Working Environment

Known Risk Factors In Firefighters Work

It has long been established that there is a connection between the firefighting profession and the risk of suffering from serious illness.In 2007, WHO (the World Health Organisation) established the connection between the firefighting profession and various forms of cancer (testicular cancer, prostate cancer and cancer of the lymphatic system).

According to research, the health risks entailed by firefighters’ work situation not only lead to cancer, but other health problems such as fertility disorders, cardiovascular diseases, asthma and allergies.

  • The firefighting profession involves both evident and hidden exposure to hazardous substances in various forms.
  • Firefighters often work in shifts with irregular hours and thereby irregular stress patterns.
  • Firefighters expose themselves to extremely hard physical strain and thermal stresses for short periods.
  • Being a firefighter is associated with an identity rather than a profession, which leads to long employment. This in turn lays the foundation for occupational illness.

Reduce contact with harmful substances & improve the working environment

Hose Master™ is the perfect solution for firefighting departments looking to reduce contact with harmful substances and improve safety in their operations. Hose Master™ can help minimise exposure to known carcinogens, as well as protect from heavy physical work by providing a user-friendly apparatus ergonomically designed to assist in the cleaning and removal of harmful substances from fire fighting hoses.

Hose Master™ is a fully automated hose care unit, which eliminates the need for manual cleaning, providing an automated system to flush and clean hoses quickly and safely. Hose Master™ offers a variety of options such as adjustable pressure settings, adjustable water temperature and pump control, allowing tailored cleaning procedure of hoses according to their specific needs.

By investing in Hose Master™, you are actively protecting the occupational health and safety of your staff. Its design drastically reduces physical strain incurred from manual hose cleaning and contact with hazardous materials.